Meet our family

Hi! We're Isaac and Alysa Seeland the culinary and aesthetic vision behind FOND. Compulsive creatives, we started FOND because we saw firsthand the dramatic impact bone broth had on our health, wellness and the community around us. We knew the vital importance of getting people to see bone broth as the foundation of their culinary and nutritional life. 

We could have never imagined the adventures ahead. Two years later we are proud to say we source from local farms using only the best ingredients, delighting customers and surprising ourselves along the way! The work that we are doing could not be more important. As you'll learn from spending time with us, good products start with good soil...

  The foundation of your culinary and nutrition life: bone broth. 

The foundation of your culinary and nutrition life: bone broth. 

Why bone broth

This question is a hard one to answer, because it shouldn't be asked! Bone broth is the foundation of delicious food and the foundation of a healthy diet. It is the cornerstone of gourmet cooking and the natural medicine cabinet. Whether you drink 6oz every morning or use FOND in your favorite dish, you'll notice the bone broth difference. 


our mission

Hi Everyone :) Alysa here! Our mission is to teach the American Family how to eat again. From sourcing ingredients from the right places to how to tell when fruit is ripe and when it is in season, to how to use bone broth in everything and why without it nothing can be done (Escoffier's words, not mine!) we are passionate about sharing what we know with others. Bone broth is just the beginning and the future could not be more exciting!

My culinary journey started in a humble place as it can. I'm here to tell you that you can cook amazing food, sourced from the right places without wood fibers in your dairy and 42 pesticides in your cherries - and you can do it better than you could ever imagine!

I've always loved food, always wanted to figure out how things were made, why they tasted good and why certain combinations were a definite no go. Life's too short to shorten it through preservatives and toxins and skittle-fed cattle.

You can eat well, on a budget and have time to do other things. You can have a life outside of the kitchen even if you put the crockpot away. Where does it all begin? What's the foundation? FOND.  Let's do this together, let's change the conversation, let's see just how amazing good-for-you-food tastes!