A FOND Farewell to Stockpot Broth Co.

Bone Broth Friends and Family,

We've been pretty quiet over here recently. A lot of changes have happened in not a lot of time and we are excited to reveal those changes to you. The first and most important change is our new name. We know for many of you this will be a big adjustment. We'd like to take the time to explain that this wasn't a cute decision because we decided we were bored, but a decision we had to make that has made our mission and our brand even stronger. We'll write more in the days to come just how hard this was and how our brand evolved but for now, below's the need-to-know. 

Introducing FOND Bone Broth™

We were truly fond of the name Stockpot - it will always be our broth baby - our first launch out into the world to give you something to nourish. Your response to this was overwhelming, beautiful and rewarding. It also put us on the radar of large corporate entities that sought to clip our wings. While we weighed the benefits of fighting against this large bully on the playground, in the end it came down to you. Providing you the highest quality artisan bone broth crafted from the rugged Hill Country farms was too important a work to become sidelined in court rooms and appeals. So we withdrew, went back to the drawing board and emerged a truly new and beautiful thing. 


FOND (pronounced fon) is french for "base" or "foundation." We believe bone broth to be the foundation not only of delicious cooking but also of your nutritional life. Today we find ourselves at the intersection two industries rapidly changing: the culinary and nutritional revolution. What is at the core? Bone broth. For too long taste and culinary craft were thought to be separate from nourishment. We came to believe that good tasting food was an indulgence and nourishing food was to be tolerated. No more.

Whether you use it to elevate a meal or as a drink to nourish your body whole, FOND™ bone broth elevates nourishing food to the height of culinary taste and ingenuity. We're inspired by traditional french cooking methods with a lime twist of modern mixology. 

What's not changing? 

  • Our commitment to sourcing from local farmers who are engaged in renewing farm practices. 
  • Our commitment to partnering with farms who never use GMOs in their feed or pesticides on their produce.
  • Our artisan bone broth flavors will stay the same, though Mothers has been affectionately renamed to Inside Job.
  • Our slow food preparation simmered for 24 - 48 hours. 

Now more than ever we're committed to the same quality standards we've always held, because a shortcut always tastes like a short cut. 

FOND Bone Broth™ artisan provisions for the modern life.

Your support and love for our bone broth, our team, our farmers and what we do has literally been a life-changing experience. We cannot wait to show you how FOND will continue the work Stockpot started beyond what that brand would ever be capable of. And finally, if you feel a little sad, we want you to know that's ok too. We totally get it. We invite you to share with us what you loved about Stockpot so we can celebrate that together. And trust us, in time we know you'll find that FOND Bone Broth™ has a special place in your heart.