Video Series: No Diet Needed, All Diets Welcome

Join us for our new video series, No Diet Needed - All Diets Welcome! as we showcase the beauty, versatility and economic benefit of cooking with bone broth! My promise to you is this: real food, real people, real recipes. You'll see my kids entering and exiting the frame, you'll see the techniques I use to achieve the results I want - the same ones you can easily use in your kitchen. 

This is a project I'm very passionate about because my education in becoming a cook happened through balancing a budget and caring for my family. These two things can be difficult especially when you're trying to keep up with the latest recommendations on how and what to eat. 

I've found it's best to do three things: 1) keep it simple. You'll be surprised how incredibly delicious that can be! 2) Follow your gut. What I mean is pay attention to what foods taste good to you and what foods are harmful to you. And finally, 3) use bone broth. Bone broth is the pauper's secret and the King's treasure the leveling ground that restores and refreshes us no matter what we put it in. 

For the first recipe in our series, I wanted to show you a simple ground beef prepared in three ways. There's a Whole30 version, ironically the easiest to do :) an individual serving easy for those who need to be able to have good food that can travel and finally a meal that's meant for sharing. 

A word about ingredients: I use a pound of organic brown button mushrooms and 8 ounces of our bone broth, Youth Tonic, in my ground beef. The mushroom helps to stretches the ground beef, but it is also a nutrient dense food high in vitamin D. I use grass fed beef - it makes a huge difference in the availability of good fats and also good flavor. I also used kitchen pride mushrooms. Mushrooms are an incredibly nutrient rich food that they need to be grown in the right way. Of course our bone broth is pasture raised and exclusively sourced from local farms. This means that the broth itself is extremely nutrient dense making it delicious and nourishing. 

My goal in this series is to show you how simple good tasting, good for you food can be. Please see the video as your visual lesson, formal recipe and instructions will go out at 3pm to everyone signed up for our newsletter

To your excellent health!

Alysa & The FOND Family