Welcome to our flavor guide

Our bone broth tonics are designed to be the foundation of your culinary and nutritional life. Skipping a meal? Practicing intermittent fasting? Just want to get more gut-healthy foods into the kiddos? We're the best place to start. As we've said before FOND means foundation or base in French but colloquially - to the root or the essence. Our bone broth tonics are made with sustainably sourced ingredients exclusively from farmers who practice holistic methods. 

Below is a list of our signature flavors, pairings we suggest, and what customers have told us about their uses for them!



Featuring shiitake, shallot and sage, this bone broth tonic is made with pasture raised chicken bone broth, organic shiitakes from Kitchen Pride Mushrooms, hydroponic non-GMO Sage and organic shallots. It is a delicious savory experience.

The rich broth makes an excellent au jus when combined with a tablespoon of any cooking vinegar, it is also a delicious compliment to butternut squash, red pepper, ground beef and turkey. 

Customers Report:

  • I like to use it in my risotto.
  • In all of my pureed soups!
  • As a base for gravy.
  • Stupid good as a base with Ramen

Trolley Dodger

Trolley Dodger is a fun, tangy bone broth tonic infused with garlic, radishes onions and lemon. These strong flavors have developed a cult following and with good reason. Besides being excellently light for sipping it is delicious in stir-fry, as a base for mashed potatoes, any pan-seared veggies, pan-glazes or as a base for soups and sauces when you don't feel like dabbing the tears away with the corner of your apron. 

Customers Report:

  • It is an excellent base for chunky soups.
  • I like to use it as a dressing for my salads. 
  • Braising asparagus with it is delicious!
  • With my veggies under the roast.

Liquid Light

Liquid Light is by far the customer favorite. Expertly crafted as a perfect storm of fresh turmeric root, rich powdered root, freshly cracked pepper and thyme this bone broth tonic is a must have. It has a comforting personality and is an excellent compliment to Indian dishes. We like to pair it with: tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach. 

Customers Report:

  • I made the best Alfredo sauce I've ever had in my life with it!
  • I like to use it in my rice as a beautiful pop of color and flavor on the plate. 
  • I drink it buttered with turmeric ghee.
  • Warmed in a saucepan with Zoodles!

inside job

Inside Job was previously named Mother's. We called it this because of the incredible impact fennel has on the gallbladder. Not interested in this little organ? You should be! It's role in digestion is grossly undervalued and supporting it with helpful food like fennel is a great way to keep this organ past your 3rd pregnancy. 

Strangely enough, the flavor found itself an excellent addition to recipes without many inflammatory agents. Since we encourage you to eat your way to wellness, we suggest pairing this bone broth tonic is pork roasts, chicken soup - you WON'T go back to the old way. It also pairs well with green beans, corn and pepper. The uses are really endless. 

Customers Report:

  • I love it as a base for my chicken pot pie!
  • Our family uses it in rice with cilantro and green onion, paired with Wild Salmon.
  • Squash, tomatoes, minestrone, spaghetti sauce, it is my go to for an Italian Dish!

THe spur

A flavor sensation The Spur is a wild combination of blistered poblano, fresh beets and Serrano peppers. A natural combination for enchiladas, a base for quesos, tortilla soup, stuffed peppers, pepper steak, we find it pairs best with beef. 

Its distinct ruby red is iconic and often mistaken for jam it is so beautiful. 

Customers Report:

  • I like using it in a carrot and beet soup!
  • Amazing base for tortilla soup!
  • I drink it in the morning with sliced avocado. 
  • I love to use it to rehydrate the pan juices from sauteing my peppers for fajitas.